Time to get out of the weeds?

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Strategy is good.

Targeted, meaningful action is better.

Alicia works with public-facing organisations, to bridge the gap between good intentions and powerful outcomes. Sought-after speaker, expert facilitator and cut-through accountability coach, Alicia works closely with senior leaders grappling with change.

One of New Zealand’s most highly-accredited facilitators, there is nothing airy-fairy about Alicia’s work. Combining best-practice research and evidence-based methodologies, Alicia gets serious results.

Alicia’s clients consistently report

  • Increased focus

  • Higher productivity and engagement

  • Measurable progress toward big-picture strategic objectives.

Working with Alicia is challenging, lively and fun - and not for the fainthearted! Ready to learn more?


Work with Alicia



Powerful facilitated sessions jam-packed with energy and motivation. Challenging teams to cut through the noise and set up for success.


Keeping leaders and teams out of the weeds and focused on embedding change. Accountability support to make strategy stick. 


Keynote with a difference! Alicia’s incredible personal journey and breadth of professional experience inspires and motivates audiences.

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Supporting leaders to build strategic capability and skills, boosting the value they deliver to their organisation and community.


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