Strategic and effective public leadership


It’s time to get focused and create real public value.

Public organisations need to do more than write strategies and sell policies. Public leaders need to do more than shuffle paper, appease politicians and manage journalists and stakeholders.

Your purpose is to serve – to deliver meaningful, tangible value to your communities.

Leading in the public sector means grappling with complexity, competing priorities and a constant state of change. It requires embracing the unique challenges that democracy, bureaucracy and transparency present and making bold, focused choices.

“There is no greater challenge, and there is no greater honour, than to be in public service”
— Condoleezza Rice

Is this you?

Alicia works with motivated, community-facing teams and leaders who are:

  • Struggling to make traction on important initiatives

  • Tired of seeing good thinking sit on a shelf

  • Frustrated by inaction

  • Overwhelmed by competing priorities

  • Balancing politicians, stakeholders and internal politics

  • Feeling constrained by the public sector environment.

“Alicia’s style is excellent - high energy, clear and direct. She is a pleasure to work with. Her process is robust, defensible and logical. This process helped us determine a course of action that was not intuitively what we thought it would be. We ended up with a plan that is simple, easy to implement and with less risk and outlay than anything we had thought of before.”
— Graham Bodman, GM Community Places, Auckland Council

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