Alicia McKay is passionate about creating public value and making the most of change - finding the opportunity that lies in every challenge.

Public sector strategy and implementation whiz, Alicia supports teams and leaders to get out of the weeds, start thinking strategically - and executing.

Alicia works with public-facing organisations, to bridge the gap between good intentions and powerful outcomes. Obsessed with strategy - and allergic to bureaucracy - Alicia’s strategy programmes get public sector teams focused, motivated and excited.

An obsession with creating public value drew Alicia from a policy career into business case development and management consulting. With almost a decade of experience working with public sector teams and senior leaders as a facilitator, coach, speaker and thought leader, Alicia is now a sought-after strategy expert.

One of New Zealand’s most highly-accredited facilitators, there is nothing airy-fairy about Alicia’s work. Combining best-practice research and evidence-based methodologies, Alicia gets serious results in even the most challenging environments.

Alicia’s clients consistently report

Increased focus

Higher productivity and engagement

Measurable progress toward big-picture strategic objectives.

Working with Alicia is challenging, lively and fun - but not for the fainthearted!

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On a mission to get sh*t done

As a policy analyst and management consultant, Alicia saw her fair share of bureaucratic nonsense. Unimpressed by the traditional approach to problem solving and decisions, Alicia has spent years training and refining her craft, accumulating best-practice accreditations, and testing evidence-based methods with overwhelmed clients.

The results speak for themselves - and her clients couldn’t be happier! More passionate than ever about smart decisions and resilience to change, Alicia is in high demand for speaking, coaching and workshops, regularly travelling across New Zealand and over the ditch. Clients like Auckland Council, University of Canterbury, Dunedin City Council, Experience Wellington and Southland District Council appreciate Alicia’s evidence based approach, proven methods and fun approach to strategy and change.

Her depth of expertise, infectious sense of humour and relentlessly pragmatic approach is making waves in the public and private sectors. Workshop and coaching slots book out months in advance as leaders and decision makers frustrated with spinning their wheels turn to a fresh new approach to strategy and change.

Keen runner, philosophy buff, music lover and mother to three daughters, Alicia draws on powerful metaphors of family and everyday life. Thanks to a life-long love of writing and public speaking, Alicia uses her platform to inspire strategic rebellion and smart decision-making, encouraging others to embrace the opportunity that lies in every challenge.