Alicia McKay is passionate about unleashing the potential of public sector leaders to have more impact in their communities.

One of New Zealand’s most highly-accredited public sector facilitators, there is nothing airy-fairy about Alicia’s work. Combining best-practice research and evidence-based methodologies, Alicia gets serious results in even the most challenging environments.

Alicia’s clients consistently report

  • Increased focus

  • Higher productivity and engagement

  • Measurable progress toward big-picture strategic objectives.

Working with Alicia is challenging, lively and fun - but not for the fainthearted!

Alicia lives and breathes strategy and change.

She has spent the last decade working with community-facing organisations, officials, politicians and teams as an employee, consultant and expert advisor.

Clients across New Zealand speak to Alicia's dynamic, engaging and effective style. Her distinctive sense of humour, deep sector knowledge and sharp insight is valued by Councils, central agencies and other community-facing organisations

With almost a decade of experience working with teams and senior leaders as a facilitator, coach, speaker and thought leader, Alicia is now a sought-after strategy expert.


On a mission to get sh*t done since ages ago


Alicia’s always been a force of nature. After spending her teen years juggling competing priorities like independent living, teen parenthood and university, she was a productivity and strategy machine by the time she kicked off a public sector policy career in her early 20s.

It should be no surprise then, that the slow pace of change, compliance focus and patchy effectiveness of a public sector work environment came as a culture shock.

As a policy advisor and strategic planner, Alicia worked alongside managers and politicians under the microscope, struggling to make good choices and meet community needs.

Unimpressed by the traditional approach to planning and decision-making, Alicia sought fresh ideas. Travelling across New Zealand and Australia, Alicia accumulated best-practice accreditations in investment planning and business case development, to support better public spending decisions.

As a business case and strategy consultant, Alicia observed the same frustrations and patterns across Councils, universities, district health boards, central agencies, CCOs, and third sector organisations.

Identifying a deeper need for strategic perspective and capability in the public sector, Alicia broadened her focus. Strategic programmes focusing on planning, decision-making and priority setting were an instant hit.

With almost a decade’s experience working alongside public sector teams and leaders, Alicia’s strategy programmes have a reputation for getting serious results.

Self-employed since 2014, a brief stint with a global consulting firm in early 2017 was a good lesson that:

a) organisations with layers of ineffective bureaucracy and ticket-clipping should refrain from advising the public sector how to be more effective, and

b) reports, meetings and team lunches were still frustrating obstacles to her mission to get shit done!

A strong believer in public service, Alicia gets excited about supporting bold leaders to make a real difference in their communities.

Her infectious sense of humour, sharp insight and relentlessly pragmatic approach to progress have earned Alicia’s place as a public sector strategy specialist. Unafraid of a challenge, Alicia tests assumptions, challenges executives and politicians, and asks tricky questions.

A Canterbury bogan at heart, Alicia and her family are Wellington-based (in the heart of the public sector, where else?!)

When she’s not facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences or coaching senior leaders, Alicia can be found running trails, spending time with her three daughters or relaxing with a good book.