Making progress on the stuff that really matters

Alicia McKay is a strategy and change expert.

As a facilitator, coach and speaker, Alicia supports teams and leaders to make tough choices and keep things simple for real impact and influence.

Specialising in the public sector, Alicia's workshops and strategy programmes sharpen focus, build capability and drive change.

Boring processes, lengthy documents and time-wasting away-days have no place here. Challenging, lively and fun, Alicia cuts through the clutter and focuses on real action and impact.

One of New Zealand’s most highly-accredited public sector facilitators, there is nothing airy-fairy about Alicia’s work.

Combining best-practice research and evidence-based methodologies, Alicia gets serious results in even the most challenging environments.

Alicia’s clients consistently report

  • Increased focus and alignment

  • Higher productivity and engagement

  • Measurable progress toward big-picture objectives.

Thought-provoking, positive, challenging. I was impressed with the flow and the way Alicia kept the discussion moving forward to get tangible results rather than the usual “talking in circles” which our group has tended to experience in the past
— Zofia Miliszewska , Experience wellington
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Not your average strategy consultant

Alicia brings a vitality and a freshness which just opens everyone up to her. When a room atmosphere might start to feel quite heavy, it doesn’t take long for her to turn that into a bubbly and constructive environment.
— Rex Capil, Southland District Council

Policy advisor and strategic planner by trade, Alicia has spent a decade in the public sector, working exclusively as a consultant and thought leader for the last five years.

As a policy advisor and strategic planner, Alicia worked alongside managers and politicians under the microscope, struggling to make good choices and meet community needs.

As a business case and strategy consultant, Alicia observed the same frustrations and patterns across Councils, universities, district health boards, central agencies, CCOs, and the third sector.

Not interested in boring, lengthy processes, Alicia makes things simple, fun and fresh.

Alicia provides :

  • In-house workshops, coaching and training

  • Off-site retreats

  • Leadership coaching and mentoring

  • Organisation-wide transformation programmes

  • Implementation support.

Alicia has worked with:

  • Central government agencies to get focused, roll out strategy, build leadership capability, make strategy simple and engage people in change initiatives.

  • Local and regional authorities, including DHBs, to develop, implement and communicate strategy, coach and mentor teams and leaders and upskill staff.

  • Private companies and universities to plan for strategic service change and capital investment that drive future growth.

  • Senior leaders and politicians to stay focused, take action and make better decisions about risk, performance and investment.

  • Executives and general managers for targeted support and advice on leading and communicating change

  • Third sector organisations, peak bodies and industry associations to make the most of limited resources and plan strategically to add maximum value to members, industries and communities.