The simpler, the better. Complications lead to multiplicative chains of unanticipated effects.
— Nicholas Taleb


Hi! Thanks for joining me. I’m passionate about making the most out of change and challenge - finding the opportunity and getting the best out of you and your people.

I am a facilitator, coach, trainer and speaker. I help you to design and embed focused, strategic change. Enabling people and organisations to rise to the challenge of change and adversity really lights me up.

I work with public and private organisations as a bit of a guide, taking you on a journey to find clarity and focus. I speak at conferences and events, run training workshops, facilitate strategy and implementation sessions and work closely with senior leaders.

Former policy wonk and business case consultant, I have seen my share of unnecessary bureaucracy, overwhelmed executives and frustrated decision-makers. I know we can do better - and I help you to do that, applying best-practice research and leading solutions for smart, focused decision making. 

Working with me is challenging, lively and fun - not for the change-averse or faint-hearted! If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat.