The Habit is the Result

It’s taken me a while to realise this, but the habits that are required to successfully achieve a big goal (like running a marathon), are often more rewarding than the goal itself. I now eat well, go to bed earlier, create space in my schedule for wellness, and exercise daily. Marathon or not, those habits serve me in every aspect of my life – and discontinuing any of them will have a noticeable negative impact. 

Know Your Job and Do It Well

There is a lot to be said for knowing your job, and doing it well. Not only do you allow yourself to be awesome,  you empower others to do the same. I work with stressed and overwhelmed leaders and organisations who feel compelled to “do it all” - including senior leaders and governance with the very best of intentions that find themselves mucking in on operational stuff.

Walking the Talk

The thing is, as I find with my kids, and you will find with your team – all the visions, objectives and strategic priorities in the world don’t have any power unless we lead from the front and walk the talk. On that note, while I don’t agree with half the stuff that comes out of Gary Vaynerchuk’s mouth, but I do like this quote: “Ideas are shit, execution is the game.”