Client Experiences

For Experience Wellington CEO Pat Stuart, it was important for the executive leadership team to gain a clear understanding of organisation’s priority focus areas for the coming year.

The team had a lot of projects on the go; and these were dominating operational activity and not allowing them to focus on organisational development – the key to improving performance.  Alicia was brought in to help sharpen their focus and gain consensus on key priorities to take forward.

Auckland Council’s Community Places division looks after a host of arts and community facilities available for Aucklanders to hire and enjoy for all sorts of occasions.

For General Manager Graham Bodman, it was important for the team to translate their strategy into a clear, easily implementable plan so to prioritise their services and increase revenue from these facilities. Alicia was brought on board to help outline a clear, practical course of action to make the best use of Council’s available resources.

When Southland District Council needed to identify their top ten risks for a comprehensive risk management framework, they had to ensure all key decision makers, operational staff and councillors were in the room.

The prospect of two full workshop days discussing a traditionally dry subject was met with some trepidation. However, with a robust process, engaging delivery and an open, collaborative approach, the result was 100% buy-in and engagement from all 30 senior attendees – and unanimous agreement on their Top Ten risks.