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Graham Bodman - GM Community Places

“Alicia’s style is excellent, high energy, clear and direct. She is a pleasure to work with and made the experience enjoyable. Her process is robust, defensible and logical. What pleased me the most was this process helped us determine a course of action that was not what we intuitively thought would be the outcome. It helped us clarify what would be most likely to succeed, and we ended up with a plan that was simple, easy to implement, and with less risk and outlay than anything we had thought of before.”

Paul Marriott-Lloyd - Senior Policy Manager

“Alicia is a great facilitator and is very good at structuring the conversation. Alicia skillfully lifts the conversation from operational issues to focus on strategic objectives and outcomes.”

Kat Teirney - Manager Service Improvement – Community Places

“For me, the strongest part of the process was Alicia’s ability to bring the benefits of diverse decision making (rather than consensus decision making) home to everyone right at the start, resulting in much better outcomes. She has a light touch with everyone and equalises people in the room, with a great sense of humour and a good process of making sure everyone has a voice .”

Kevin Marriott - Community Facilities Manager

“The most impressive person I worked with last year. After yesterday's first session I'm confident we've got the right team involved and the right strategic facilitator.”

Kevin McNaught - Strategic Property Manager

“Prepared, structured, enjoyable. The participants and Alicia were prepared to be open with each other which resulted in a significant amount of interaction, laughter and just plain simple enjoyment.”

Janet Ellis - People and Capability Manager

“The journey Alicia took us on was fantastic. It wasn’t boring and monotonous, it was a great and really robust process. Because Alicia is so strategically focussed, she can ask the hard questions. She challenges people in a safe way, challenging our thinking but never dominating or getting personal.”

Michelle Stevenson - Strategy and Policy Manager

“Loved Alicias style. Made a difficult topic enjoyable.”

Brian Dillon - Councillor

Very bloody good. Very good interaction amongst all the participants in a friendly lighthearted but serious way.

Pat Stuart - Chief Executive

“It was excellent, really. What impressed me most is she has a good grasp of our organisation, and the knowledge to really give credibility to the process - and ensure we didn’t get side tracked. She gained people’s confidence, and her understanding of our business allowed the attendees to relax and think about what we were doing.”

Zofia Miliszewska - Executive Support Manager

“Thought-provoking, positive, challenging! The flow and the way Alicia kept the discussion moving forward to get tangible results rather than the usual talking in circles.”

Michelle Cheriton - Manager People & Capability

“Insightful, useful and needed. Good structure and flow.”

Barry Calvert - President

"Engaging, productive and efficient. We got shit done. Can't think of anything that would have made it better"

Keeley Pomeroy - BIM Committee Chair

"Productive, fun and beneficial workshop. Excellent leadership by Alicia, her experience in working with complex organisations is clearly demonstrated and that put me at ease. I don't think we could have done any better"

Sam Steven

"Impressive, enjoyable, constructive . I liked how well Alicia was able to facilitate the discussion in the right direction and how easy and enjoyable she made the process. The way she could pick up on and link different concepts when she is not even an expert on construction was impressive! Alicia is amazing at what she does!"

Alana Cuthbert- Business Manager

“Motivational and clearly formatted. I like how quickly the ideas came thanks to direct and clear guidelines I feel the time was well used. I appreciate Alicia guiding us to clear decisions and goals, now looking forward to implementing them"

Karina Morrow - Group Manager Regulation

“Good debate, that was well presented and interactive. We achieved everything we set out to achieve. I was wondering how Alicia was going to pull all the bits of information/ideas together, but she did!”

Paul Morris - Group Manager Finance

“We were taken on a journey. Alicia was down to earth and genuine. It wasn't to stressful and we got a lot out on the table.”

Chris Clark - Opuha Ward

“Achieved great results in a painless way! Great day with great outcomes!”

James Leslie - Deputy Mayor

“Alicia is well informed and very personable. Our group had few conflicts but she handled these well. I imagine that she is well practised at dealing with difficult personalities in group settings.”

Tom Wallace - Water & Wastewater Plant Operations Manager

“Very well run. Great journey to the conclusion with a very light hearted delivery throughout.”

Zoe Moffat - Planning Manager

“Uplifting, focussed, eye-opening. I enjoyed getting to the cause of issues, so we can prioritise solving them.”

Mike Perkins - Network, Catchment and Maintenance Manager

“Enlightening, constructive and timely. Great interaction between team members and the teasing out of the issues that face 3 waters.”

Paul Helm

“Positive, relaxed, fun. Alicia is a very good facilitator, good at what she does. The workshop was the best one I have been on.”

Leonie Rae - GM Consenting and Compliance

“Enjoyable, collaborative, helpful. Amazing how quickly we were able to consolidate down to 3 objectives.”

Mary Richardson- GM Citizens and Community

“Well facilitated. Good to talk priorities and strategies.”

Carol Bellette- GM Finance and Commercial

“Interesting. Enjoyed the opportunity for our team to discuss strategic context of the program.”

Anne Columbus Former GM Corporate Services

“ Strategic; focused; successful”

Eeva-Liisa Wright- General Manager Infrastructure Operations

“Informing, strategic, clear. Language was simple and real with relevant examples used.”

Tania Hermann - Group Business Manager Infrastructure Operations

“Informative, practical, relevant. The information presented was relevant to our organisation and there were plenty of opportunities to discuss risk and how this applied to us.”

Bruce Robertson- Director at R Bruce Robertson

Well-paced; engaging; great outcomes delivered. I felt all contributed, we heard the diverse range of voices.

Cory Lang - Building Unit Manager

"Engaging, informative and interactive. I really liked the opportunity to focus on strategic risk.”

Sandra Stokes - Manager Performance & Capability

"Useful, balanced, inclusive. Practical, provided a good framework."

Geoff Swainson- Director Asset Management & Operations

“Great to focus on what we need to work on and prioritising. It gave new people to the group a chance to see where we were coming from and what we have done so far is pointing in right direction and a bit clearer.”

Liezel Jahnke - Business Improvement Manager

"Engaging, enjoyable, thought-provoking. Great facilitation and open conversations.”