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Experience Wellington needed a clear understanding of their top priorities, to set some targeted strategic objectives. In a complex operating environment, it was important to take a holistic view and pull together an overarching strategy that was clear on vision, purpose, values.

With a broad spectrum of project priorities, activity was being dominated by business as usual and organisational development kept slipping down the list - making it extremely difficult to make strategic progress and improve performance. Alicia was brought in to help sharpen their focus and gain consensus on key priorities to take forward.


For the workshop, the team needed to critically examine Experience Wellington’s overarching strategy and goals as well as various strategic plans, in line with their vision, purpose and values.

Based on her briefing from Alicia, Pat, Experience Wellington CEO, anticipated a process that would enable the management team to arrive at well-considered conclusions to help them focus their attention on their top priorities.

Pat was impressed by Alicia’s quick and insightful grasp of the organisation - “she had enough knowledge of what we were about, to really give credibility to the process and also to ensure that we didn’t get side-tracked.”

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Alicia’s method was structured and logical, and, in Pat’s words, even “risky” at times, as she was undaunted by a couple of sceptics in the room and was not afraid to challenge their thinking.

It ended up with what Pat felt was a strong consensus, getting to a point in their thinking that was “where we should have been.”

From this shared understanding and consensus, the Experience Wellington management team has been able to fine tune three key strategic priorities to take forward into a 2019 strategic plan.

The management team is confident that focusing on these priorities will lead to enhanced organisational performance.