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Strategy Execution for Local Government Professionals

Doing things differently is hard. Implementing a strategic direction takes time, energy and commitment - often in the face of competing pressures and established ways of working. Without support. managers feel overwhelmed, isolated and frustrated in delivering change - and strategy fails to embed.

Most strategy stumbles at the first hurdle and very little is executed successfully. Only 5% of public spending initiatives achieve the full range of intended benefits, while two thirds is delivered late or over budget - if at all. We can do better!

In this one-day workshop session, local government chief executives and senior managers receive the tools to close the strategy execution loop, to make change stick.

What You Learn

1. The first hurdle: Why strategy execution fails

- The execution gap

- Clarity and focus

- Thinking vs doing: the pressure test

2. Bridge the Gap: How to translate strategy into operational priorities

- Pushing back

- Making trade-offs

- Aligning budgets, services and processes

3. Walk the Talk: Practical steps to make change stick

- Implementation planning

- Embedding new behaviours

- Monitoring and support

- Change and review.

What You Get

- Diagnostic survey to determine your decision-making personality and what that means for your personal management style

- Custom training workbook

- Useful reading material

- A suite of tips, tricks and useful frameworks to implement at the coalface

- Complimentary follow-up session with Alicia.

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Change Resilience for Senior Professionals

Change is hard to pull off - especially when it seems like a threat. Traditional resilience training focuses on 'getting through' and 'bouncing back' - but we are selling ourselves short.

In a fast-moving world, it is critical that we found our way through change - not just to survive or adapt, but to prosper. Post-adversarial resilience research leads the way, showing us that we can grapple with change and experience transformational growth and success.

This one-day training workshop provides practical, mindset-shifting tools to build change resilience on a personal and organisational level. It is ideal for professionals facing upheaval and uncertainty in their operating environments.

What You Learn

1. Reactions to Change

- Loss aversion and uncertainty 

- Managing risk and fear

- Stress types and styles

2. From Overwhelm to Opportunity

- Stoicism and PTG

- The three Rs of resilience

- Mindset and ownership

3. Shifting Gears - Practical tools for resilient teams

- Planning for success

- Modelling resilience

- Strategies for pressure situations.

What You Get

- Diagnostic survey to determine your current resilience profile

- Custom training workbook

- Useful reading material

- A suite of tips, tricks and useful frameworks to implement at the coalface

- Complimentary follow-up session with Alicia.

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SOLGM Annual Summit 2018

Critical decision-making in times of uncertainty: A workshop for chief executives and senior managers

Sick of going around in circles on critical issues? Lots of good ideas to choose from, but no agreement on which projects to proceed with? Do your Councillors decide something at one meeting, only to relitigate at the next?

2018 has seen a flurry of ideas, proposals and innovation across the local government sector, with the development of work programmes for the Long-Term Plan 2018-28 and the announcement of a 3 billon dollar Provincial Growth Fund.

With increasing responsibilities and limited resources, making smart decisions about where to focus our attention is critical – but navigating through political and internal tensions, pet projects and public feedback to secure this focus is no easy task.

Alicia McKay is a thought leader in this space, working with public agencies and councils to make strategic policy and investment decisions. This workshop is packed full of insight into how to make smarter choices that will deliver lasting impact in your communities. From defining potential opportunities to critically evaluating options for the future, anyone interested in decision frameworks should attend. This workshop will particularly interest chief executives and senior managers tasked with leading strategic prioritisation processes for their teams or elected members.

More information about the summit and programme here

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