Book Launch: March 2019

Strategy execution rates in the public sector are dismal – we simply aren’t getting shit done. This leads to wasted time, wasted money and frustrated staff who are unable to deliver improvements for their customers and community.

Alicia McKay’s upcoming new book is a game-changer. Based on extensive research and hands-on experience, From Strategy to Action posits a simple, powerful framework to bridge the insufferable gap between strategy and action. Applied successfully in public sector organisations across New Zealand, this framework turns good intentions into powerful outcomes, providing genuine public value.

A useful guide for anyone needing to bridge the gap between thought and action, this book will be pure gold for a public manager who:

  • is new to the sector and can’t come to grips with the glacial pace of change

  • has worked in the sector for a long time and become jaded by change fatigue and strategic buzzwords

  • wants desperately to make change happen for customers and community but feels hamstrung by people, politics and processes

  • has the mandate to drive strategy but is stuck in the weeds, drowning in business as usual and can’t make it happen.

Pre-orders available soon! Email to join the waiting list.