From Strategy to Action

From Strategy to Action


Strategy execution rates in the public sector are dismal - we simply aren’t getting s**t done. This leads to wasted time, wasted money and frustrated staff who are unable to deliver improvements for their customers and community.

This book is for public sector managers who are tired of spinning their wheels, and prepared to tackle the challenging complexity of public service. A book for public sector managers who are frustrated and ready to drive change.

The Strategy to Action framework is a simple, yet powerful, collection of methods that can bridge the insufferable gap between strategy and action.

“My last role in government was with a department charged with making government easier to work with.  The idea was inspiring and the strategy was crystal clear but the ‘doing’ was… challenging.  I really wish this book had been available then. 

In her straight-shooting no-jargon way Alicia shows how good strategy is crafted and more importantly, how to implement it for impact and deliver public value.  If you’re in the public sector and trying to drive strategic change this book will become your bible. “

Louisa Coppel, Strategist. 
The Big Picture Strategic Services"

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