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Strategic Focus

1 Day Workshop

Time to regroup and refocus?

Being strategic with our time and money has never been more important. Organisations with fewer, more focused priorities report improved financial performance, more aligned and effective staff and more progress toward big picture goals.

It’s hard to make trade-offs, manage competing priorities and let things go. But if we don’t make intentional choices about what matters the most, we compromise on value and performance.

With Strategic Focus, decision makers and leaders set powerful priorities and direct attention to where they can have the most impact.

In this one day session, Alicia brings teams together to get everyone on the same page with a clear way forward.

Teams answer three key questions:

  • What’s going on?

  • What matters most?

  • How do we move forward?

Key Outcomes:

  • Clarity on our most important priorities

  • Engaged, committed teams

  • Concise, simple Strategic Focus Map to guide decision-making.

Client Story - Experience Wellington


“"It was excellent, really. What impressed me most is Alicia has a good grasp of our organisation, and the knowledge to really give credibility to the process - and ensure we didn’t get side tracked. She gained people’s confidence, and her understanding of our business allowed the attendees to relax and really think about what we were doing.” 

"Alicia has a good process and she sticks to it. She did her homework, and wasn’t opinionated. So often people in these situations tell you what you should be thinking. Alicia doesn’t do this, she is an excellent facilitator who leads without imposing her point of view. The team felt she really helped us realise what they needed to be doing ourselves." - Pat Stuart, Chief Executive

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Strategy to Action

3 Month Programme

Time to move from hui to do-ey?

Turning strategy into action is the single biggest challenge facing modern organisations in the public and private sectors. This might be why two thirds of all change initiatives fail to deliver benefits – and those that do are late, or over budget.

Most change fails because of a disconnect between strategic direction and operational execution. Strategy to Action drives clarity, alignment and commitment, taking overwhelmed teams from strategy development to tangible impact.

Leaders and teams are supported to design and implement a coherent plan of action to make thinking a reality. This program is perfect for those who have done some thinking, but need help taking the next step. If you’re having trouble getting change off the ground, or have started a strategy process but are stuck on the ‘how’ , Strategy to Action will save your strategy from the shelf.

Strategy to Action clients consistently report unprecedented levels of commitment and buy-in, increased trust and confidence between leaders and teams and significant progress toward key projects and objectives.

Strategy to Action has three distinct phases:

  1. Clarity - pressure-testing with teams to make meaning.

  2. Coherence - aligning business processes to remove friction.

  3. Commitment - monitoring and accountability support for leaders.

Key Outcomes:

  • Implementation is clear and measurable

  • Strategy is owned at all levels of the organisation

  • Managers are supported and held accountable.

Client Story - Auckland Council Community Places


“Alicia’s benefits-led methodology is really sound. She adds a lot of value to the process as an expert facilitator but also as a very insightful and knowledgeable consultant. We needed to come down a notch from the strategic to the tactical, and with Alicia’s help, we have a service improvement plan that we can action without deviating from our core purpose.”

“At no stage did the process feel tedious or drawn out. While her methodology has a lot of rigour and really challenges your thinking, she keeps things moving along. There is a really good energy and pace to her work that is really appreciated by institutions like local government” -
Kevin Marriot, Manager Community Places

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