2 Day Workshop

Make better, faster, braver decisions.

Our operating environments are tricky and complex, which makes decision-making hard. We need to be flexible, focused and aligned - on the big picture, and what might stand in our way. We need to respond to unexpected and unpredictable events. We have limited resources, and need to direct our attention toward our most significant threats (and opportunities)

Risk gets a bad rap - all about constraints and conservatism. Operationally, sure. But strategic risk management is different - it’s not about fighting fires, it’s about lighting the right ones.

Strategic risk management is a powerful tool for motivated leadership groups to make better quality choices, weigh up options and recommendations quickly, seize potential opportunities and deliver more value.

Alicia’s fresh and fun approach to strategic risk is like no other. Action-packed and interactive, Alicia takes teams on a journey that demystifies risk and focuses your team on the big-picture.


Teams answer questions like:

  • What stands in the way of our big goals?

  • Where do we need to focus our attention?

  • How can we lead more clearly and reduce our inherent bias?


Strategic Risk Workshop Testimonials - Hamilton City Council

Eeva-Liisa Wright- General Manager Infrastructure Operations

“Informing, strategic, clear. Language was simple and real with relevant examples used.”

Tania Hermann - Group Business Manager Infrastructure Operations

“Informative, practical, relevant. The information presented was relevant to our organisation and there were plenty of opportunities to discuss risk and how this applied to us.”

Bruce Robertson- Director at R Bruce Robertson

Well-paced; engaging; great outcomes delivered. I felt all contributed, we heard the diverse range of voices.

Cory Lang - Building Unit Manager

"Engaging, informative and interactive. I really liked the opportunity to focus on strategic risk.”