Strategic Leadership Teams

Is your leadership team is crying out for more strategic conversations?

Strategic Leadership Teams provides the space, challenge and structure that you need to succeed


Making the space for strategy is a constant challenge for senior leaders. When you do create the space, it is critical to make the most of that valuable time and keep your conversations

  • out of the weeds, and

  • focused on the big picture.

Challenging your own assumptions and decisions isn’t always easy. As an expert outsider, Alicia spots opportunities to ask tricky questions and shine a new light on old problems.

SLT: Supercharged Leadership Teams provides intensive, focused coaching support for your team that will amplify your progress and impact. Over 12 or 18 months of off-site coaching session, Alicia creates the space you need to boost your influence and deliver real value to your organisation.




  • Need to make progress on the big-picture

  • Struggle to make the space for strategic discussion

  • Find themselves dragged into operational details

  • Need a fresh perspective

  • Enjoy challenge, banter and a laugh!

The objective of this programme is to pull your leadership team up our of the daily grind and make big-picture progress on critical strategic initiatives - so you can have more impact for your organisation and community.

You will

  • Have the time and space for meaningful conversations

  • Get out of the office and into a new environment to stimulate fresh thinking

  • Be free to think more strategically and tackle the hard stuff.

This programme is not for politicians or elected members. Enquire directly about sessions designed to support governance direction.

“Good debate, well presented, interactive.I think it achieved everything it was set out to achieve. I was wondering how Alicia was going to pull all the bits of information/ideas together but she did.”

- Karina Morrow Group Manager –Regulations



Alicia’s coaching style is open, fun and challenging. Your sessions will tackle assumptions and bias, and call for a willingness to kill a few sacred cows. You will benefit from:

You will enjoy the benefit of:

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  • Set Strategic Leadership Intentions to target specific goals and challenges

  • Get off-site and interrupt daily thinking in a new, fresh environment

  • Personalised accountability and support

  • Share wins, learnings and insights

  • Work through organisational and political challenges and issues.


  • Enjoy an exclusive toolkit of tips and templates

  • Access books and resources tailored to your leadership journey

  • Email support in between sessions

  • A bonus follow-up phone or Zoom session with Alicia after your programme ends.


Alicia is one of New Zealand’s most highly accredited public sector facilitators and has worked with public leaders and teams across the full community-facing spectrum – local government, central government, district health boards, universities and third sector organisations.

Author of From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Shit Done in the Public Sector, Alicia has a unique insight into the demands and challenges of leading in the public sector.