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Leaders as Strategists

One Day Intensive Masterclass

The pressure on public leaders to be change-ready and act strategically is intensifying – and we are totally under-prepared.

As our social, economic and digital landscape changes at speed, it is more important than ever to keep an eye on the big picture and make decisions now that ready us for the future. Strategic leadership is the most important skill for the future success of any organisation – more than communication, more than tactical skills and more than subject matter expertise.

Yet no-one teaches us to be strategists!

Leaders as Strategists upskills leaders to move from delivery to context - supporting technical and people managers who need to make faster, more effective decisions and run impactful teams and organisations.

Strategy Space

3 - 12 Months Coaching

Turn your leaders into strategists!

Is your leadership team getting dragged into operational details and struggling to drive action on the big picture? Strategy needs space.

When you do create space, you should make the most of it. Strategists are focused and accountable - no more going around in circles.

Strategy Space provides intensive, focused support for your leadership team that will amplify your progress and impact. Challenging your own assumptions and decisions isn’t always easy. As an expert outsider, Alicia spots opportunities to ask tricky questions and shine a new light on old problems.

Pulling your leadership team up out of the daily grind, Alicia works intensively on targeted issues that are holding back strategic progress - from communication and engagement to decision-making and planning.


“Good debate, well presented, interactive.I think it achieved everything it was set out to achieve. I was wondering how Alicia was going to pull all the bits of information/ideas together but she did.”

- Karina Morrow Group Manager – Regulation

Alicia’s coaching style is open, fun and challenging. Your sessions will tackle assumptions and bias, and call for a willingness to kill a few sacred cows. Teams enjoy:

  • Books and resources tailored to your leadership journey

  • Email support in between sessions

  • A bonus follow-up phone or Zoom session with Alicia after your programme ends.

Strategic Risk

2 Day Workshop

Make better, faster, braver decisions.

Our operating environments are tricky and complex, which makes decision-making hard. We need to be flexible, focused and aligned - on the big picture, and what might stand in our way. We need to respond to unexpected and unpredictable events. We have limited resources, and need to direct our attention toward our most significant threats (and opportunities)

Risk gets a bad rap - all about constraints and conservatism. Operationally, sure. But strategic risk management is different - it’s not about fighting fires, it’s about lighting the right ones.

Strategic risk management is a powerful tool for motivated leadership groups to make better quality choices, weigh up options and recommendations quickly, seize potential opportunities and deliver more value.

Alicia’s fresh and fun approach to strategic risk is like no other. Action-packed and interactive, Alicia takes teams on a journey that demystifies risk and focuses your team on the big-picture.

Teams answer questions like:

  • What stands in the way of our big goals?

  • Where do we need to focus our attention?

  • How can we lead more clearly and reduce our inherent bias?

Client Story - Southland District Council


This is the only way to do it. We had those with a little experience and those with a lot, senior managers and team leaders, and we could step out of our silos, with everyone happy to speak up. Our focus now is to continue to lead the way.The process was very good, it really made people step up and stand up. I was a little bit concerned about how it was going to go, but I’ve seen Alicia work before and knew it wasn’t going to be wishy-washy. She presented really well. Pretty fantastic process - it was very comfortable, we worked as a group, broke off, and everyone put their cards on the table." - Gary Tong, Mayor

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Engaging for Change

3 Half Day Training Workshops

6-20 Participants

Get your people excited about change!

People don’t fear change - they fear uncertainty. Somehow, the leadership pendulum has swung so far toward consultative and facilitative leadership over the past decade that managers have lost the ability to lead and embed change.

All change is people change. Making strategy meaningful means connecting with the people that keep your organisation ticking over everyday and supporting them to make decisions that keep the waka paddling in the same direction.

Engaging for Change takes a ‘train the trainer’ approach, equipping people managers with the skills to communicate about strategy and change. Alicia teaches people managers a simple, powerful framework for leading and communicating strategy implementation with their teams.

Fun, fast, practical and relevant, Engaging for Change provides tools, templates and guidance on:

  • Mode: when to tell and when to ask

  • Style: keep it human

  • Process: managing expectations

  • Outcome: evaluating success.

Applied learning is the best way to make strategy stick, so this programme is best suited to organisations planning or rolling out change.

Enquire directly for larger scale training and capability work.