Developing strategic public leaders

Two day training programme

6 - 10 participants

Delivered in-house

Public management can be a tough gig - and it’s not the same as working in private business. The difference lies in the ‘layer of crazy’ - a three part layer which constrains and complicates decision-making.

  1. Transparency – The level of media and public interest in your work is significantly higher, which ups the ante on your decisions and has the danger to lead to risk-averse decision making

  2. Democracy – You’re dealing with politicians who, unlike other governance members, often have little operational or subject matter expertise in the areas they govern.

  3. Bureaucracy – And lots of it. The accountability component of both the transparency and democracy part of the job creates a serious process and policy overhead.

Professor Simon Collinson, pioneer of the Global Simplicity Index, found in 2012 that public sector agencies in the UK are 30% more complex than some of the world’s largest companies.

Reactive decision-making is a defining feature of many public sector organisations. The way we plan, report, budget and respond to political change often puts short-term gains ahead of long-term success. Truly strategic public leadership requires a different skillset to operational public management. Most importantly, it requires managers to step out of the daily grind and take command of your team’s strategic direction. Progressing from public manager to public leader requires a commitment to new ways of working – some of which will might problematic in your operating environment.

Alicia’s StrategySkills training workshops are at the cutting edge of thinking for senior public leaders. Both inspiring and pragmatic, these workshops are designed to tackle limiting habits and behaviours.

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