Make space for meaningful impact.

If you are a public leader struggling to find the space to think strategically, plan intentionally and make headway on key change initiatives and priorities, StrategySpace might be for you.

If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the everyday workload

  • Keep trying make the space for strategy but can’t seem to find it

  • Know you could be more effective

  • Want to have more meaningful impact

Then you are in the right place.

“Alicia’s benefits-led methodology is really sound. She adds a lot of value to the process as an expert facilitator but also as a very insightful and knowledgeable consultant. At no stage did the process feel tedious or drawn out. While her methodology has a lot of rigour and really challenges your thinking, she keeps things moving along. There is a really good energy and pace to her work”

Kevin Marriott. Community Places Manager, Auckland City Council

Designed exclusively for public sector leaders

Strategic leadership is hard to pull off in any organisation. Two thirds of projects undertaken in New Zealand are reportedly failing to reach completion or deliver benefits.

In the public sector, this is even trickier.

The Global Simplicity Index found that public sector agencies are 30% more complex than some of the world’s largest companies. Is it any surprise, then that only 5% of public spending initiatives fully realise their intended benefits?

Public managers are trying to do more than ever. In government agencies, Councils, District Health Boards and third-sector organisations across New Zealand, change is becoming faster, more complex and more constant. The number and complexity of initiatives undertaken by the New Zealand public sector is increasing.

StrategySpace fills a gaping hole in the current leadership development landscape, offering expert support for the unique challenges of public management.

Designed specifically for the pressures of the modern public leader, StrategySpace addresses the ‘layer of crazy’ – the demands that transparency, bureaucracy and democracy place on public teams and leaders.

Responding effectively to this change requires strategic, effective public leadership.

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