Stop wasting time on strategy that sits on a shelf

Multi-session workshop programme

Includes coaching and custom deliverables

Delivered in-house

Strategy execution is the single biggest challenge facing modern organisations. While 60% of organisations report weakness in strategy execution, two thirds of all change initiatives fail to deliver benefits - and those that do are late or over budget. We’re pretty good at coming up with ‘strategy’ in the public sector - but so much of our thinking winds up gathering dust on the shelf.

  • Done some good thinking but need help taking the next step?

  • Lots of good ideas but need to pull them into a plan of action?

  • Finding it hard to get momentum with your change programme or initiative?

If it’s time for you to stop talking and start planning, Strategy to Action might be for you.

Actionable strategy takes an integrated approach to implementation planning, driving us forward from our current operational thinking.

With the Strategy to Action programme, strategic leaders design a clear, coherent plan of action to make thinking a reality. Most change initiatives fail because of a disconnect between strategic direction and operational execution. Bridging this gap requires a challenging collaborative process, tricky questions and tough decisions.

Alicia's unique wrap-around programme drives clarity, alignment and commitment, taking overwhelmed teams from strategy development to public impact. Workshop sessions, accountability coaching and custom deliverables form part of this exciting new approach to public sector strategy.

Alicia is one of New Zealand’s most highly accredited public sector facilitators and has worked with public leaders and teams across the full community-facing spectrum – local government, central government, district health boards, universities and third sector organisations.

Author of From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Shit Done in the Public Sector, Alicia has a unique insight into the demands and challenges of leading in the public sector.

Perfect for teams and organisations who:

  • Are overwhelmed by potential projects, objectives or initiatives

  • Need to stop talking and start making moves

  • Are having trouble getting change off the ground

  • Need a fresh perspective

  • Enjoy challenge, banter and a laugh!

Participants report:

  • Unprecedented levels of commitment and buy-in

  • Increased trust and confidence between stakeholders

  • Significant progress toward key projects and objectives

  • Meaningful organisational and community impact

Strategy to Action draws on draws on evidence-based, public-sector focused methodologies such as Investment Logic Mapping, Better Business Cases and Managing Benefits, as well as best-practice thinking around strategy execution and leadership. A carefully designed process moves teams along with ease, increasing clarity and driving coherence and commitment.

What you can expect:

Collaborative, diverse decision environments are proven to increase the quality of decision-making by up to 87%. You provide the diversity and Alicia will deliver the challenge!

Together, we will move through a series of sessions, designed to:

  • Set clear, targeted strategic priorities

  • Define your ‘why’ and use this to create a framework for planning and evaluation

  • Design a robust, aligned programme of work

  • Develop enabling policies, processes and procedures

  • Trade-off non-aligned activities and commitments

  • Identify and modify limiting habits and behaviours.

This programme is suitable for leadership teams committed to creating meaningful change in their department or organisation. Strategy to Action is particularly popular for service improvement design, as well as programme and project development.

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