Fergus 2.jpg

Fergus Power I Chief Executive Officer, Waitaki District Council

“Alicia has brought great value in assisting elected members and our management team in identifying the best strategic direction to take regarding Council priorities and major projects. Her professionalism, attention to pre-workshop preparation and ability to maintain focus on the key issues has been very helpful and appreciated by both elected members and the operational team. I recommend her skills in the structured facilitation field.”

bryan n 2.jpg

Bryan Nicholson I Chief Operating Officer, Whanganui District Council

“This was an outstanding workshop and the results exceeded expectations. I originally had concerns due to the strong-minded individuals involved but Alicia skillfully navigated through the discussion, and I received a number of favourable comments about Alicia’s performance as the facilitator.  Well done today it was a tough crowd but you navigated through everything well.”

pat 2.JPG

Pat Stuart I Chief Executive, Experience Wellington

“Dynamic, thoughtful and energetic. Alicia had a plan, stuck to it and was not deterred by pushback.”


Karina Morrow I Group Manager – Regulations, Mackenzie District Council

“Good debate, well presented, interactive. I think it achieved everything it was set out to achieve. I was wondering how Alicia was going to pull all the bits of information/ideas together but she did.”

steve 2.jpg

Steven Parry I Chief Executive, Gore District Council

“Alicia has an incisive yet inquiring mind. She quickly adapts to each new environment when taking on an assignment and is sensitive to a client's needs in regard to the expected outcome. Incredibly efficient and great fun to be around, Alicia has now become the first name that pops into my head when I want a robust, independent and fresh-thinking review of an area of the Council's operations or strategy.”

kevin 2.JPG

Kevin Marriott I Community Facilities Manager, Auckland City Council 

“The most impressive person I worked with last year. After yesterday's first session I'm confident we've got the right team involved and the right strategic facilitator.”

zoe 3.JPG

Zoe Moffat I Planning Manager, Dunedin City Council

“Uplifting, focused, eye-opening. Enjoyed getting to the cause of issues, so we can prioritise solving them.”

Charlie 2.JPG

Charlie Anderson I Councillor, Whanganui District Council

“Best workshop I’ve ever been too, and I’ve been to a few. Today was one of the best meetings I have been to for a very long time.”