Alicia supports committed professionals to gain clarity and respond strategically to challenges in their environment.

“Alicia has a very engaging style and can get the most reserved participants to be involved.” - Ian Marshall, Southland District Council

“Good debate, well presented, interactive.” - Karina Morrow, Mackenzie District Council

Strategy Execution for Local Government Professionals

Most strategy stumbles at the first hurdle and very little is executed successfully. Only 5% of public spending initiatives achieve the full range of intended benefits, while two thirds is delivered late or over budget - if at all. We can do better! In this one-day workshop session, local government chief executives and senior managers receive the tools to close the strategy execution loop, to make change stick.

Learning Outcomes

1. Why strategy execution fails

2. How to translating strategy into operational priorities

3. Practical steps to make change stick

Change Resilience for Senior Professionals

Change is hard to pull off - especially when it seems like a threat. Traditional resilience training focuses on 'getting through' and 'bouncing back' - but we are selling ourselves short. In a fast-moving world, it is critical that we found our way through change - not just to survive or adapt, but to prosper. Post-adversarial resilience research leads the way, showing us that we can grapple with change and experience transformational growth and success.

This one-day training workshop provides practical, mindset-shifting tools to build change resilience on a personal and organisational level. It is ideal for professionals facing upheaval and uncertainty in their operating environments.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding reactions to change

2. Mindset change - Stoicism and post-adversarial growth

3. Practical tools to shape resilient teams

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