Fewer than 10% of leaders demonstrate strategic skills - are you ready to join them?

“Alicia has a very engaging style and can get the most reserved participants to be involved.” - Ian Marshall, Southland District Council

“Good debate, well presented, interactive.” - Karina Morrow, Mackenzie District Council

Strategy Skills for Local Government Leaders

Being an operational leader sucks. Doing work below your paygrade sucks. But with high workloads and competing pressures, it can feel impossible to stop treading water and get traction on the big picture projects that you know will make a real difference in your organisation and community.

Strategic thinking and execution are the single-most important leadership behaviours. It’s what you’re hired for! Despite this, less than 25% of organisations include strategy skills in their professional development programmes. Is it any wonder, then, that most strategy stumbles at the first hurdle, with only 5% of public spending initiatives achieving the full range of intended benefits? Or that two thirds of public projects are delivered late or over budget?

We can do better! In this one-day training programme, local government leaders get a serious kick-start toward the attributes, tools and behaviours they need to become more strategic leaders in their operating environments.

Minimum 4 participants, maximum 15.

Programme Covers:

1. Why strategy execution fails

2. How to translate strategy into operational priorities

3. Every-day trade-offs

4. Impact and influence

5. Challenging conversations

6. Strategic questioning

7. Making space for strategy