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Alicia McKay - NZ’s Leading Strategy Expert

Alicia’s style is excellent, high energy, clear and direct. She is a pleasure to work with and made the experience enjoyable. Her process is robust, defensible and logical. What pleased me the most was this process helped us determine a course of action that was not what we intuitively thought would be the outcome. It helped us clarify what would be most likely to succeed, and we ended up with a plan that was simple, easy to implement, and with less risk and outlay than anything we had thought of before

“People are invested in this process and committed to action. It was hard work, but I was pleased it required a high level of engagement and effort to reach the conclusions. The funding decision-makers in the room were confident it was a good strategy; and the operational team is gaining good momentum with implementation.
— Graham Bodman, Auckland Council


From away-days with a difference, to implementation and engagement - Alicia supports teams and leaders at every point in the strategy journey.

Strategy is the new empathy. Alicia works with leadership teams that need to make better, faster decisions and drive performance. Alicia turns leaders into strategists.

Fire up your people with fun, inspiration and learning! Alicia speaks at conferences or directly to your team about all things strategy, change and engagement. .

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Better Choices = Bigger Impact


Alicia McKay is New Zealand’s leading authority on strategy and change, specialising in the public sector.

An expert in making tough choices, engaging teams and making change stick, Alicia breaks through the noise.

Say goodbye to BORING strategy days that go nowhere

Traditional strategy consultants run tedious away-days with questionable outcomes, run boring, complicated processes and write lengthy documents full of jargon. People come out more confused than they went in, and after a few Powerpoints and posters have been made, strategy moves onto the shelf.

Alicia makes things simple, fast and fun. Teams pull together to set clear priorities and roll out change that drives real action. People are engaged, processes are aligned and leaders stay committed and accountable in the face of change.

Working with Alicia leads to:

  • Better, faster decisions

  • Brave, bold leadership

  • Public value and impact

  • Big-picture progress and performance.

Alicia is the author of From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Shit Done in the Public Sector - the new bible for NZ government managers who want to get more done.