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Public sector strategy and implementation expert, Alicia supports teams and leaders to get out of the weeds, start thinking strategically - and executing.

Strategic Focus - One Day Workshop

Strategy to Action - Workshop and Mentoring Programme

Strategy Support - Group Mentoring

Strategy Specialist - Individual Mentoring

Strategic Public Leadership - In-House Training

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Strategic Focus

Full Day Workshop Programme

Delivered In-House

Cutting through the noise to find clarity and set powerful priorities. Time and attention are our most valuable organisational resources. Non-renewable, non-expandable - we can only allocate these precious assets so far. Being strategic with our time and money has never been more important. Yet, we are increasingly torn by conflicting priorities. Strategy isn’t executed, time is wasted and critical decisions are made on the fly.

Organisations with fewer priorities consistently report improved performance, because powerful priorities provide us with the freedom to focus.

With the Strategic Focus programme, decision makers and leaders acquire the tools to set powerful priorities at the strategic level, unleashing the potential for productivity, engagement and impact across and outside of their organisation.

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Strategy to Action

Multi-Session Workshop and Mentoring Programme

Delivered In-House

Strategy execution is the single biggest challenge facing modern organisations. While 60% of organisations report weakness in strategy execution, two thirds of all change initiatives fail to deliver benefits - and those that do are late or over budget.

Most change initiatives fail because of a disconnect between strategic direction and operational execution. Bridging this gap requires a challenging collaborative process, tricky questions and tough decisions.

Alicia's unique wrap-around programme drives clarity, alignment and commitment, taking overwhelmed teams from strategy development to public impact. Workshop sessions, accountability coaching and custom deliverables form part of this exciting new approach to public sector strategy.

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Strategy Support / Strategy Specialist

6 or 12 month group mentoring programme (min 4 pax)


3 or 6 month individual mentoring programme

Delivered on location and/or remotely via Zoom

Senior public leaders need to make the space to have tricky conversations and stay focused on the big picture. If you find yourself trapped in an operational hamster wheel and struggling to make strategic conversations a priority you or your leadership group may benefit from external structure, accountability and support. Alicia enables leadership teams to get out of the weeds and focus on adding genuine value to their organisation and community.

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Strategic Public Leadership

Training Programme

6 - 10 Participants

Delivered In-House

Reactive decision-making is a defining feature of many public sector organisations. The way we plan, report, budget and respond to political change often puts short-term gains ahead of long-term success. Truly strategic public leadership requires a different skillset to operational public management. Most importantly, it requires managers to step out of the daily grind and take command of your team’s strategic direction. Progressing from public manager to public leader requires a commitment to new ways of working – some of which will might problematic in your operating environment.

Alicia’s one and two day training workshops are at the cutting edge of thinking for senior public leaders. Both inspiring and pragmatic, these workshops are designed to tackle limiting habits and behaviours. Course content includes:

  • The Layer of Crazy - Public Management 101

  • From Public Manager to Public Leader

  • The Ten Commandments of Strategic Public Leadership

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