One of New Zealand’s most highly accredited public sector facilitators, Alicia runs a workshop like no other. Challenging, lively and fun - a workshop with Alicia is one you won’t forget!

“Dynamic, thoughtful and energetic!” - Pat Stuart, Experience Wellington

“Strategic, inspiring and results-oriented.” - Janet Ellis, Southland District Council

“This was an outstanding workshop and the results exceeded expectations. I originally had concerns due to the strong-minded individuals involved but Alicia skilfully navigated through the discussion, and I received a number of favourable comments about Alicia’s performance as the facilitator.” - Bryan Nicholson, Whanganui District Council

“The most impressive person I worked with last year” - Kevin Marriott, Auckland Council

“Uplifting, focused, eye-opening.” - Zoe Moffatt, Dunedin City Council

Strategic Focus - One Day Session

Cutting through the noise to find clarity and set powerful priorities. Time and attention are our most valuable organisational resources. Non-renewable, non-expandable - we can only allocate these precious assets so far. Being strategic with our time and money has never been more important. Yet, we are increasingly torn by conflicting priorities. Strategy isn’t executed, time is wasted and critical decisions are made on the fly.

Organisations with fewer priorities consistently report improved performance, because powerful priorities provide us with the freedom to focus.

With the Strategic Focus programme, decision makers and leaders acquire the tools to set powerful priorities at the strategic level, unleashing the potential for productivity, engagement and impact across and outside of their organisation.

Learn more - download the FOCUS whitepaper.

Strategy to Action - Multi-Session Development and Implementation Programme

Setting your team up for success. Strategy execution is the single biggest challenge facing modern organisations. While 60% of organisations report weakness in strategy execution, two thirds of all change initiatives fail to deliver benefits - and those that do are late or over budget.

Most change initiatives fail because of a disconnect between strategic direction and operational execution. Bridging this gap requires a translation from why to how - which can only be done by enabling managers the space and time to align the 'why' and 'what' to the 'how'. Alicia's wrap-around strategy development and implementation programme provides this space, driving powerful alignment from intention to execution. 

Learn more - download the Strategy to Action report.

Bespoke Programmes - By Enquiry Only

Alicia designs custom strategic workshops to suit a full range of objectives and challenges. Minimum 6 participants.

“Alicia has brought great value in assisting elected members and our management team in identifying the best strategic direction to take regarding Council priorities and major projects. Her professionalism, attention to pre-workshop preparation and ability to maintain focus on the key issues has been very helpful and appreciated by both elected members and the operational team. I highly recommend her skills in the structured facilitation field.” - Fergus Power, Waitaki District Council